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Emerson Estrella

I'm a Brazilian, a husband, a father of two, and a passionate software engineer.

I've been working for companies from different sizes, cultures, countries and continents.

I love to create solutions and to learn new technologies.

What keeps me moving is seeing how impactful my solutions can be.

Currently I'm building and maintaining backend infrastructure for a Dutch telecom called KPN.


To use and enhance my skills and knowledge of the latest methods and technologies in areas such as: Software development; Programming languages; Graphical User Interface Design; Data driven applications; Math, and Technology Research.


University of California, Berkeley, Software Engineering for Software as a Service. Coursework including: Test Driven Development & Ruby on Rails

Multimedia, Raffles La Salle Institute (Sydney, Australia). Coursework including: design principles and the creative media (including audio, video and 2D & 3D animation), and multimedia authoring.

Computer Science, PUC-SP, São Paulo. Coursework including: C++ and Java programming, Databases, Computer networks, Network security, and Distributed multimedia.

Programming languages

Python, PHP, Javascript, Solidity, Dart, Java, C, C++.


Django, Django Rest Framework, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter.


Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes.

Web Development

HTML, CSS, SCSS, Angular, Vue.js, Material Design, Bootstrap, Gulp, Webpack, Parcel.


AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.

Professional experience:

Senior Software Engineer - (Mar 2015 - Now) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Working for a Dutch telecom. Developing and maintaining 30+ micro services.
Company: KPN (Koninklijke KPN N.V.)
Website: https://kpn.com
Technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Redis

Software Engineer - (May 2014 - Fev 2015) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Working for a Dutch hosting provider. Developing and maintaining their back-end and customer services application.
Company: TrueServer BV
Website: https://true.nl
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, Silex, Redis, CakePHP

Software Engineer - (Jul 2008 - Mar 2014) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Working for a Brazilian broadcast company. Developing and maintaining 5 portals, over than 200 websites and several applications.
Company: TV Cultura
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, JQuery UI, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, FFMPEG (cross-platform solution to edit, convert and stream audio & video), GD / ImageMagick (convert, edit and compose images), Flash, Action Script, Flash Media Streaming Server, XHTML, CSS, XML

Web Developer - (Apr 2008 - Jun 2008) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Working remotely for a Canadian company. Developing an online abstract system that allows to manage meetings, conferences, congresses and more; from online booking to payments and reports. I have also build an eLearning system for them. Called Study Modules allows the administrators to manage their modules. Each module has a library with medias and documents related to this module, it has also a test where the students have 2 chances to score the minimum grade. The students pay to get access to the modules and they get credits for each completed module.
Company: One World Presentation Management ltd
Website: https://www.owpm.com
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, XML

Web Developer - (Oct 2007 - Mar 2008) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Developing the Brazilian version of Apple.com. Most of work was the translation of the US version changing its contents according with the requirements from the local Apple office.
Company: Apple
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, ProtoType, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML

Web Developer - (Feb 2007 - Jun 2007) - Sydney, Australia

Developing a group of current affairs websites and a sophisticated content management system for a Broadcasting company in Australia.
Company: SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Action Script, XML

Web Developer - (Oct 2006 - Jan 2007) - Sydney, Australia

Developing, creating and designing a brunches of search related websites.
Company: iMega Group
Websites: Confidential
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS

Software Engineer - (Mar 2006 - Aug 2006) - Sydney, Australia

Developing a speed limit warning system for mobiles and PDAs.
Company: Smart Car Technologies Ltd.
Product: SpeedAlertTM
Technologies: J2ME, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS

Web Developer - (Jan 2006 - Aug 2006) - Sydney, Australia

Developing database driven web sites, CRMs Systems, Email marketing campaigns, Flash Touch-Screen Applications and more.
Company: Icon Visual Marketing Ltd.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML

Web Developer - (Oct - Nov 2005) - Sydney, Australia

Developing a web enrollment system, front and back-end, for an Entertainment company which is looking for performers candidates.
Company: USS Entertainment
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS

Web Developer - (Aug - Sep 2005) - Sydney, Australia

Flash web sites development.
Company: Blend34
Website: https://www.blend34.com.au
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Action Script, XML

Web Developer - (Feb - Jul 2004) - Sydney, Australia

E-commerce development.
Company: Sweet-Pea Pty. Ltd.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML

Web Developer/IT Director - (Jun 2002 - Feb 2004) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Disney.com.br development and maintenance, communication and marketing to integrate online and offline medias and DVD production.
Company: BubbleDot
Website: https://www.disney.com.br
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML, Flash, Action Script, XML

Web Developer - (Jan 1999 - Mar 2002) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Development of E-commerce, Content Management Systems, Dynamic Flash web sites; Disney.com.br and Apple.com.br development and maintenance.
Company: Zenza Digital
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XML, Flash, Action Script, XML

Scientific Research - (Jun - Nov 1998) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Researching the use of semi-optics over the Internet for the institute CNPQ (National Advice for Scientific and Technological Development)
Book: "Semiotics on the Internet" by Lucia Santaella

PC Technician - (Apr 1996 - Dec 1997) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Assembling and repairing personal computers and Internet home setup.
Company: Quicknet LTDA