KPN online shop
Creating and maintaining a backend for the KPN online shop.
KPN Digital Engine
A group of microservices providing 30+ APIs.
Migrating a group of microservices to AWS.
KPN Voucher Engine
A microservice for generating and redeeming voucher codes.
Play van KPN
Backend and frontend for an iTV application.
True B.V.
Backend application for a hosting company.
Jornal da Cultura
Second screen application for a brazilian TV show.
TV Cultura
Content management system for a brazilian TV and radio network.
Development of a web portal with 50+ websites.
Fundação Padre Anchieta
Development of a custom made customer relationship management system.
Development of backend and frontend for SBS Australia news and current affairs websites.
Speed Alert
Development of website, online shop and CRM.
Website development
TV Rá-Tim-Bum
Website development